Cyber ​​Privacy

Cyber ​​Privacy

10/09/2019 0 Yazar: netadmin

It has an extension that can be opened with tor browser thanks to the onion list, which makes you more confidential than the surface connections. The onion links you use with Tor scanners allows you to take extra security measures. See When you use a paid or free VPN service, your personal information is also protected. With alternative tor scanners like Freenet, Subgraph OS, I2P, you can move more safely.

For links that are easily opened when the link extension is .com, you can open the link with the help of the tor browser by selecting a network from the onion list when the extension is .onion. Since browsers such as Crome and Firefox will not recognize connections with oneion extension, you will need to use a tor browser. The deep network you choose with your Tor browser will allow you to open connections with oneion extension more securely.

Security precautions

Since security is very important in deep internet links, you should enter your personal information anonymously and be inaccessible when using deep web links. You have to be very careful because there are too many internet users involved in deep internet links.

Because deep internet links are used by internet users who use deep internet links and use too many fake accounts along with illegal works, you should pay maximum attention to avoiding badly coded websites, avoiding sites that require javascript and protecting your security. It is very important for you to be anonymous in deep internet links that involve hackers and illegal businesses.